Best Type-C Device To Ease Your Gadget Pain

Media OutReach Kamis, 10 Januari 2019 13:40 WIB
TAIPEI, TAIWAN - Media OutReach - 10 January 2019 - Portable
electronic devices have always the hot spot in the exhibitions around the
world, especially the latest light and thin portable laptops.

Visitors from Apple, ASUS, HP, Acer, and Huawei discussed the possibilities of future collaboration.


as the port of laptops is gradually replaced by a single type-c port which
causes inconvenient for a lot of users, who need to bring an adaptor for
charging, a hub for connecting mouse hard disk or USB disk, an HDMI dongle for
connecting monitor, a USB charger for charging mobile phones.


the innovative Las Vegas 2019 CES show (8th Jan - 11th Jan 2019) in Eureka
Park, creative Taiwanese startup team "SIMPower" caught huge attention which
located at Sands Expo - Taiwan Tech Arena booth No.19, who offers an innovative
All in One solution to deal with the current laptop's port problems. The
"SIMPower" multi-functional All in One device copes with all the pain points
Type-C users facing right now, and make the popularization of Type-C electronic
devices more rapid, it reduces the burden of luggage storage and also makes
Type-C electronic devices become true user-friendly.


Taiwanese startup teams were carefully selected by the CES General Assembly,
the Silicon Valley experts and the Ministry of Science and Technology of
Taiwan. "SIMPower" concept has drawn many well-known brand vendors' attention
such as HP, Acer, etc, who visited SIMPower's booth to discuss the functions
and specifications of this innovative product.

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