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Tips for selecting the right domain name

admin Sabtu, 17 Maret 2018 19:15 WIB

 H1: Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Right Domain Name
In our digital age, getting your business online is no longer optional. It is now necessary to build a website for your business if you want to cope with the times. But how do you choose the right domain name for your business? In this post, our business consultants at resumecheap.com will share actionable tips to guide you in the selection process. Keep reading to discover more.
H2: Research 
The first thing you need to in your selection process is researching. Ensure that the domain name you want to give your business is not registered or copyrighted by someone else. Otherwise, you could end up in a legal battle with the people who trademarked or copyrighted the name.
H2: Use Appropriate Extensions
When choosing the best name for your business domain, you have to use appropriate extensions. An extension is the suffix that appears after the real name to identify the kind of organization it is. Choosing the right extension is critical since it gives your customers a clear hint of the kind of organization you are. For instance, if you run a school business, then the best extension would be “.ac” or “.edu.”
H2: Don’t Use Hyphens and Numbers
When choosing the right domain, keep off the trap of using numbers and hyphens in your domain name. This trap easily catches most upcoming businesses in the tech and informal sectors. Although hyphens and numericals sound “cool” in the minds of their business owners, they can be tools for misunderstanding among many people. 

The reason is that your users may not know if you use figures in your domain, and so, they could have trouble searching it. For example, if your domain name is “fivestar.com” it is challenging for your users to know whether the five is spelled as “5” of “five.” Also, it is easy for your users to misplace or even forget the hyphens you used in your domain name. 
H2: Don’t Delay
Do you want to get the best of your domain name registration? Then you should act fast because domain names sell quickly. If you are toying with a given name, you have to beat the competition before another person registers it.
H2: Localize It
Are you local? If your business is local with no intention of going international or national, you can register a localized version of your country, city, or state. The reason is that such a localized approach makes it easy for your customers to remember it and find it. A perfect example is: thelondonmotorspares.biz.
H2: Shorten It
Another factor to consider when choosing your domain name is length. If you make your domain name too long and complex, it is possible for your customers to confuse and mistype or misspell it. To save your users undue trouble, it is needful to go for a short name.
H2: Make It Easy to Type
In your selection process, you have to make it easy for your customers to type the name. Some people in the search for “uniqueness” use slang that makes it difficult for users to find them. For example, if you use a domain name with slang ( “r” instead of “are”) and several spelling versions such as “expert” and “xpert,” you will make it hard for your clients to find you.
H2: Think Long-term
Also, have a long-term view to the choosing process. Don’t fall for current trends when choosing your domain name because trends are like passing clouds. If you intend to build a lasting brand, then go for a name that will remain evergreen for many years.
H2: It Should Focus on Expectations 
Lastly, choose a domain name that will give your users an easy time knowing what you stand for. The reason is that if your domain does not tell the user what your company is about or does, you will need extra time, effort, and money to market it. For instance, a domain name like hospitalsupplies.com is easier to market than a name like rivernile.com, which means nothing.
With these insights at your fingertips, we believe you are abreast with what you need to choose the best domain name for your business. The ball is in your court to choose discreetly. (*).
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